Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

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January is the time of New Years Resolutions and for those of us who are parents, we should definitely include a family goal in our  yearly goals.  Does that strike you as strange or unusual?  It is true that when we think of New Year's Resolutions we often repeat the tried and true goals of losing weight, exercising more or eating healthy food with perhaps a career goal thrown in for good measure.  To truly have a balanced life however, we should set a goal in each major area of our life and make regular deposits of time and energy into each of those areas.  In fact, in a recent blog in Success magazine, Linda and Richard Eyre suggest that each day we set a goal in three areas;  personal, family and career. 

Setting goals of course is one thing.  Accomplishing them is another.  Want to know the secret to accomplishing your goal?  Write it down.  Last year, I decided to try this recommendation and see if it worked.  Want to know the results?  YES IT DID!

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