Monday, September 12, 2011

Wyatt Learns To Be Organized!

One of the biggest challenges of adjusting to a new school year after a summer of down time is the issue of scheduling and organization. For many families the summer is a time of laid back activities, sleeping late in the morning and staying up past bedtime at night. Days may be lazy, relaxing and unstructured. Meal times may be haphazard. Then school starts and suddenly there is routine and schedules to meet. Many children rise to the occasion and within a few days are adjusted, but others struggle with how and what and when to organize their time and belongings. With this dilemma in mind, I have written the newest Wyatt book about getting organized. It is the story of the hopelessly disorganized Wyatt who nearly misses the bus every morning and never remembers even the things he wants to remember like a note to go home with his best friend. Lucky for him, his teacher, Mrs. Wilson offers several wise suggestions and helps him get on track before everyone gets more exaperated with him. In the back of the book are discussion questions to engage children in a dialogue and even a sample schedule to show how to plan backwards and be on time. You can purchase the book on the Wyatt website and download a free coloring sheet as well to go with it. Just look under the tab Free Resources for the coloing sheet and a lesson plan to go with the book.

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