Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pete The Cat says, "It's all good"

I love discovering new children's books and this one introduced to me by a first grade teacher at my school is a real gem.  It's called Pete the Cat and it chronicles a day in the life of Pete who wears white sneakers and is constantly stepping in strawberries, blueberries and other assorted things that turn his shoes a rainbow of colors.  Each time he finds himself with shoes of a different color the author asks "Does he cry?" To which the answer is "Oh my no!" Apparently Pete is not only an easy going cat, he is also  a musical cat because he sings as he walks "I love my white shoes".  The grande finale involves Pete stepping in a bucket of water which washes his shoes clean but leaves him with wet shoes.  Of course he continues singing that he loves his shoes and finishes the story with the statement, "It's all good."  This story is not only all good it is excellent!  Not only does it teach children colors and a catchy song but it also is a great lesson on the value of flexibility even in the face of problems.  You could even make a case for how our perception of a problem influences our feelings.  Quite an adorable book with a great lesson inside!

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