Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Time Memories. What Are Yours?

Beach shoes
Beach shoes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
School Is All Ove

School is all over
I'm in the next grade--
And it's picnics and popsicles,
Pink lemonade,
Sunburns and sailing
And feet that are bare
T-shirts and sneakers
And sand in my hair,
Swimming and rowing 
And fisherman's fun. It's hard to believe it,
But summer's begun.   Alice Low

Don't we all love summer?  Especially the beginning of summer when it seems like an endless span of time stretching forever into the future.  Unstructured days of carefree nothing planned.  As a kid I remember roaming around with friends all day exploring, pretending, playing.  Summertime nowadays means working parents, summer camps, neighborhood pools, allstar all-summer sports teams, water-parks and theme parks; I didn't have any of that growing up in the 50's and 60's.  Family vacation for my sister and me was traveling to North Carolina to visit relatives.  I'm not sure if children of this era aren't missing those lazy hazy summertime days of yesteryear where we created our own fun rather than expected to be entertained...

Summertime meant sleeping in until the sun was blazing in my bedroom window.  No air conditioning back then and you had to finally get up to keep from drowning in a pool of sweat.
Or sometimes rising early before anyone was up and wandering about the yard.  Everything felt so new and fresh and  brilliant with life.
Fishing for shiners in the lake across the street.  Snagging  catfish instead and trying to figure out how to get them off the hook.
Riding our bikes until we found a new creek to explore, a new field to  play in
Creating whole fantasy worlds, populating them with characters, conflicts, friendships.  Acting out all the parts with my best friend and next door neighbor.  We were drama queens before anyone had even thought of the stereotype.
Giving ourselves new names that we thought were more romantic and more suiting our character.  Actually using them to talk to each other.
Writing my first novel but--never getting past the first chapter which I rewrote over and over
Playing games for hours;  Monopoly, Canasta, Parcheesi
Early nesters we were, creating forts wherever we went;  in the woods, in the garage rafters, under the jungle gym covered with an old blanket
Going to the library and checking out stacks of books, then lying in  bed reading them for hours until my body was stiff from the lack of movement
Neighborhood Fourth of July parties on the beach.  Getting up early and arriving before the sun was even up.  Cooking eggs in a skillet over the fire for breakfast then playing all day long in the sand and the waves.
Playing tag and hide and go seek just as it was getting dark.  Mom calling us inside when we wanted to stay up forever and keep playing.

What are your summertime memories?  How have things changed since you were a kid?
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  1. Oh, Lynne, the memories you shared here are priceless! They definitely mirror many of my own summer memories, especially going to the library for those stacks of books. :) I can remember how wonderful it was to sit and read in that air-conditioned Mecca for we had no air at our house either. I wonder how we ever stood it?
    Anyway, the "good ol' summertime" we enjoyed as children is nothing like what kids experience today. I find that so very sad . . .
    Blessings to you!

  2. @Martha--it is definitely a thing of the past and I agree with you--what a loss for kids of today!

  3. I don't have nice summer time memories as a kid, but I hope better days might come in the future. Nice post!

  4. @Nikky44--Wishing you better days ahead as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ah the memories, I have lots of bad memories of my own summers, but so many good memories of the summers I spent with my kids. hunting crawdads, the boys bringing me all manner of critters from the field next door. forts all over the back yard and of all things we had a few watermelon fights to go along with the water fights.

  6. That brought back many memories for me, particularly playing games. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I loved sleeping late and reading a lot! Also going to the Cape about two weeks every summer when I was a kid. I still go to the Cape with my family-now my kids and husband (as a child I used to go with my grandparents or my parents/sister). I don't do all the reading I used to though back then...I miss those endless hours spent in books on lazy summer afternoons!

  8. Oh! we loved waking up early during summer holidays too, so that we could have maximum fun. It was the time to visit cousins in different cities...have some wonderful memories.Thanks for rekindling them.