Monday, July 9, 2012

Where In The World Is Wyatt? Summer Time Adventures

Well it may be summer but Wyatt has been extremely busy!  In June, he attended the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project Summer Institute to brush up on his writing skills.  It was intense hard work but also great fun.  He made lots of new friends.   He wants to give a big shout out to any KMWPSI-ers who are reading this blog!

Last weekend he made an appearance at Tucker's Antiques and Gifts in Blairsville, Georgia. He was a little worried that his friends might think he's an antique even though he is still just a little puppy.  I assured him that no one will be confused!

Monday, July 9th, Wyatt will be visiting with the children at the Primrose School on Giles Road.  He is super excited to be back with children and has lots of coloring sheets to share.  And Tuesday, July 17th, he will be sharing his story during the children's hour at Yawn's Books And More, in Canton Georgia. Please plan to join him if you can.

Finally, Wyatt's newest book will be out the end of July!!!  He is planning a big book launch party so stay tuned for details.

Summer will soon be over but Wyatt still has a  few dates when he could visit your school or preschool class...just let us and know and we'll be glad to work something out!

Both of Wyatt's books are available on, Barnes and, Yawn's Books and More, Tucker's Antiques and Gifts and of course, Wyatt's own website.  Don't forget to like Wyatt on Facebook!


  1. Wow, Wyatt does sound very "busy"! All the best for Wyatt! <3 :-)

  2. @Martha and Irene--thanks for stopping by!