Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lots of Fun Activities for Kids at the Decatur Book Festival!

Labor Day Weekend, I attended the seventh annual Decatur Book Festival.  Billed as the largest book festival in the south, it has a lot of child friendly activities and I would definitely recommend it for parents with young children.  It is held every year over labor day weekend in downtown Decatur.  The festival begins with a parade which this year was led by Kevin Henkes and Lily of the Purple Purse fame.  There is a stage designed to appeal to the younger attendees along with a stage for young adult authors and adult authors. 

There were of course lots of books to buy.

And more books to buy...

There's the usual face painting for the kids.

There's a great fountain that kids can enjoy.  It pretty much screams, "Climb on me!"

There's a shady place to sit and read called the Kudzu Retro Reading Lounge..

Of course if you can't wait, you can just sit down anywhere and dive in to that new book. It's a book festival, after all...

There are clever child friendly things to buy or just look at.  Pictured below is a personal library, painted by the illustrator of the Pete the Cat books.  It was part of a silent auction and bidding started at $750 for this one.  It was a little out of my price range...

If you wanted to bring your pet or do a little surprise birthday/Christmas shopping for your pet, there was even a booth selling dog treats.  Wyatt would have been so excited!

Would I go again?  Absolutely!  It was a fun adventure.  Maybe next year I will invite Wyatt along...

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  1. belated happy labor day weekend to you, lynne! it looks like a fun and enriching weekend, most especially for the kids! :-)