Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Arts Festival and a Guidance Lesson on Careers in the Arts

 This week is the Arts Festival at my school and what an extravaganza of talent we have at Sixes!! 

The walls are covered with student's art work. Just take a look!


The night of the festival will be lots of fun!  The Writing Club that Ms. Meek and I sponsor will have a reading of the student's work for parents and friends.  Here are a few of them hard at work.

An improv group and a ballet group will provide entertainment for the whole school. There will be lots of time for guests to oooh and awww over the masterpieces on the wall.

I will be teaching guidance lessons all week on careers in the arts.  This is one of my favorite lessons because it culminates in a class poster of all the career choices that students have chosen.  Here are a couple of examples of the posters: 

Didn't they do a great job?  Below is the lesson that I taught.  I'd love to hear about Arts Festivals at other schools.  How do you incorporate guidance lessons into the week?

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Lesson:  Career Cluster-Arts, AV/Technology & Communications
  • Students will identify Arts, AV/Tehnology & Communications as a career cluster

  • Students will be able to define the words: career, job, artist, author, illustrator, musician, dancer, career cluster 
  • Students will identify career choices in the Arts, AV/technology and Communications
  1. Discuss with students:  Whatare some careers in the arts?  What are some examples?  (photographer, interior designer, artist, sculptor, writer,  fashion designer, conductor, composer, costume designer, musician, actor, dancer, film maker)  Discuss what these careers have in common.  How are they different?
  2. Read a book:  The Art Lesson by Tomie de Paola  or Author A True Story by Helen Lester. 
  3. Make a poster of class careers using career cut outs-Share the poster with the class and have students talk about their career choice and what they will do in the future to prepare for this career
·         Book:  TheArt Lesson by Tomie de Paola or Author A True Story by Helen Lester
·         Handout:  Career Cutouts-Seventy-five different career cutouts to color




  1. Goodness ... your gallery of snapshots is beautiful! Thanks for an engaging Career-Cluster lesson plan idea.

  2. Wow! The children are creative, indeed. Just loved your photos, Lynne!
    Hope this event is a successful one for all involved, and that the kids are inspired to keep on being creative.