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Consider Your Child's Personality When Planning Summertime Activities

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Summer vacations are upon us! Summer is filled with sleeping late, days at the pool, friends getting together and lots of free time. It sounds heavenly, but sometimes the end result falls short of the mark. As a mom, I can remember looking forward to the summer months with guarded anticipation. The first few days were relaxing and fun and then the dreaded B word would surface - "I'm Bored!" Being the ultimate problem solver that I am, I tried a lot of different things but I must admit that I didn't take into account my children's personality type as I planned their days. What a difference that might have made!

There are four basic personality styles and here's a short description of the characteristics of each one:

D: dominant, determined, doer, demanding
I: inspiring, influencing, interactive
S: stable, supportive, sweet, shy
C: cautious, competent, calculating, concerned

For the high 'D' type, plan some activities that involve physical activities and challenges - join a swim team, sign up for camp or plan a neighborhood get-together. The 'D's' love anything that involves a challenge and offers clear results. Put them in charge of the activities and they are working in their strengths.

For the 'I' wired child, social activites are a priority. This child will enjoy attending play groups, vacation Bible school, drama camp anything where they find lots of friends participating. In fact, to get an activity going well, ask them to invite all their friends. You will soon have a party going on!

The 'S' wired child would probably be content just to hang around the house entertaining themselves with a few close friends. They like creative pursuits, a laid back easy going routine and a peaceful environment. Lots of rushing off to camp or classes is not for them.

Finally the 'C' wired child likes plenty of opportunities to investigate and discover. While they might enjoy a science or computer camp, they could be equally happy pursuing their own projects at home. Encourage them in their quest for the right way to do things.

Well, there you have it. A unique way of looking at your summer plans based on your child's personality style. So often we feel compelled to send all our children to camp or sign them all up for swim team. However, sometimes the activity doesn't fit the personality. First recognize your child's unique strengths and gifts and then plan your summer accordingly. The lazy days of summer will go much more smoothly.

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