Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pete the Cat Visits Foxtale Book Shoppe!

Children love Pete the Cat.  Parents love Pete the Cat. Foxtale Book Shoppe loves Pete the Cat too.  His stories are one of the most often requested during their weekly children's story time.  So when James Dean, creator of Pete the Cat, launched his newest book, Pete the Cat's Magic Sunglasses, Foxtale invited James and his wife, Kimberly, who wrote the story, to visit. James, Kimberly and a whole-lotta children with their parents showed up!

 The place was packed with standing room only as James read Pete's newest adventure.  James Dean and his wife collaborated on the latest book, which is their first one together.  Looks like they have a hit combination on their hands!  Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses has all the classic details that make Pete so popular.  There is a simple and clear message, bright engaging illustrations and of course, Pete the Cat who says, "It's all good!"

Just like his previous books, this one will make a great classroom lesson.  In the story, Pete the Cat is not his usual self.  In fact he is feeling downright grumpy when a friend suggests he wear some magic sunglasses to change his outlook and improve his mood.  It all works wonderfully until Pete breaks his glasses.  What's a cat to do now?  Surprisingly Pete learns that he doesn't need magic glasses to change his mood.  He has the power to do that all by himself.  Elementary school counselors and parents alike will love sharing this upbeat playful message.

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  1. My colleague from WI just told me this week about Pete The Cat - can you believe I don't have a single one on my shelves? Must change that! Thanks for a fun post.


    1. Oh Barbara... you MUST get Pete the Cat. His message is terrifc and the books are great fun....