Monday, June 16, 2014

Wyatt the Wonder Dog Visits Three Sisters Gift Shop!

I am so excited to be launching my newest book at Three Sisters Gifts and Home Accents in Hickory Flat, Georgia.  If you live in the Canton area you are no doubt familiar with this delightful store.

In addition to loads of gifts and home accents, they have a charming children's section full of everything a child loves from books to games to clothes.  The Three Sisters have been carrying the Wyatt books since February and I am thrilled to be throwing a Summertime Party for the kiddos on Thursday, June 26th 10:30-12:00.  I hope you will drop by.  I'll be reading Wyatt's newest story, sharing some refreshments and making some puppy dog ears to wear home!  I'll even have a giveaway for a free book.  I hope to see you there!

In my newest Wyatt book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog doesn't make the All Star Baseball Team and he is feeling like a loser. All his friends will be playing baseball this summer, while he and his pesky sister, Callie, visit grandparents at the beach.  How Wyatt learns to handle disappointment and failure will be an important lesson for the future.  Will he give up trying new things?  Will he have the confidence to try again?  Are there some things that take more practice and persistence to learn than others?

As a school counselor for twenty years, one of the topics that came up frequently was how to cope with disappointment and failure.  We all face it at one time or another don't we?  Whether it's not making the team, not getting the part we wanted in the play or not making the grade, we all face failure.  My goal in Wyatt Learns about Winning is to change our mindset about failure and instead of considering it losing out to reframe it as an opportunity to learn and grow.  I realize this is quite a turn around for the average adult, never-mind the average child, but if we as adults can model a learner rather than loser mentality, we will all be better for it.

Can't make the book signing but want to purchase a book?  Here's the link:

Do you have a story to tell but don't know how to get started?  Are you interested in learning how to self-publish a children's picture book?  I've create a guide that will walk you through the process;

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