Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Be A Good Dog

I recently found a very clever book called How to Be a Good Dogby Gail Page.  Not only is the text cute and funny but the illustrations are delightful as well.  It is all about a dog, Bobo, who tries to be good but has a difficult time really following through with his plan.  Can't we all relate to this?  When he misbehaves, Mrs. Birdhead, who incidently has a bird nest with a resident bird on her head, sends him outside to the doghouse. Luckily, his friend Cat has a plan that works and soon teaches  Bobo lots of tricks that impress Mrs. Birdhead when she returns home.  This would be a great book for a counselor to use at the beginning of the school year to talk about rules or expectations.  It could also be used at the beginning of a group session to identify group rules for group members.  Children and adults alike can relate to the difficulties of following through with expectations as well as the celebrations and rewards of success.

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