Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

I've spent the last week reading Wyatt The Wonder Dog to first graders at my school and the comments they have made are hilarious.  They are at first amazed that a real person sitting in their classroom could have written a book.  Then, they are enthralled with the illustrations.  I think they secretly believe that I did them as well, even though I assure them that I can't draw a stick figure much less the awesome creative pictures that Pam Gardner created for the book. In particular they are especially intrigued with the messy room that Wyatt is left with after Max leaves for the day.  "That looks like my room!" exclaims one student. "That's gonna take forever to clean up" says another.  The culmination of the story where Max learns how to be a better friend leaves everyone relieved.  We finish by making a 'Friend-ship' out of different words to describe a good friend.  If you would like to try using this lesson as well, I will soon be including the lesson plan and outline for the 'Friend--ship' shapes on my Wyatt website.  Check it out!

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