Monday, October 18, 2010

Laura's Mommy

A few years ago, my daughter Laura had a friend whose four year daughter would occasionally visit me.  She came over  to bake cookies, to carve a Halloween pumpkin and to watch a movie or two.  One of the charming but funny things about her was that she always called me "Laura's mommy".  "Laura's mommy could you get me something to drink?" she'd ask.  "Laura's mommy could you start the movie?"  Laura's mommy could I have another cookie?"  We never corrected her because it was so cute, we didn't really want her to stop and it gave us a chuckle each time she said it.

A challenging part of being a school counselor is trying to remember names.  Every child believes I know their name personally.  I try, but when you teach about 300 kids a week it's difficult to keep everyone straight.   Names are  a significant part of each of us and represent not only a piece of who we are but also help us to fit in and belong somewhere.  Try this today:  ask someone what their name means to them, who they were named after and what they like and don't like about their name.  Not only will you be able to remember their name better but you will probably get a glimpse into their soul.

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