Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does Your Child Say Who? Why?

So your child isn't a lion or a strong willed child.  What are the other options?  My youngest child was the child who asked questions constantly. Not only did she ask questions until you thought you would scream, she would argue with you when you gave her an answer.  Here's an example.  One day she asked me how babies came out.  Trying to be the helpful, informative mom, I launched into  all the details.  When I finished, she looked at me with a sort of exasperated look and said, "No, I mean do they come out on a conveyor belt or what?"

That's an example of a C or competent personality.  They are cautious, careful, have great critical thinking skills, conscientious, love to be correct, and consistent, just to name a few descriptive words.  They tend to be extremely gifted and make up about 20-25% of the population.  Sometimes they have a perfectionistic, idealistic personality and can be very loyal to ideas and traditions. Not as outgoing as the determined or D type they tend to be task oriented instead of people oriented.  This is a child who benefits from sincere praise and appreciation of a job well done.  Criticism should be gentle.  They cannot be rushed or pushed since quality and details are important to them.  They need time to make decisions since they like to gather the facts and do things correctly. Developing parental patience is an important quality to have if you have a C type child.  The animal associated with this personality?  An owl.

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