Sunday, November 7, 2010

Princes And Buggers

I’ve written before about Walt, my friend’s grandson who continues to charm all the adults in his life with his adorable observations. His preschool class was having a prince and princess theme day and he was dressed for the part in his special grown up suit. On the drive to school, he informed his mother that he didn’t think he could be a prince after all…the reason? Princes don’t have buggers and he had lots of them. His mother looked over to see that he had evidence of the fact on the tip of his finger.

Walter is an excellent example of an S personality type. They are steady, stable and supportive. They are people pleasers and servants who consider others and their needs. S type children are delightful to be around and if you have one in your family, you are blessed. Teachers especially enjoy having S type students in their classroom. They are highly motivated to perform and please the adults around them. They are the students who draw a picture or write you a letter to let you know that you are the best teacher in the world. About 30-35% of the population is wired with the S type personality and they are most commonly found in service industry jobs. Teachers and nurses for instance, are usually S types.

What is the downside of the S type personality? They often are too devoted to pleasing others. They may need to learn that friendship sometimes needs to take second place to other aspects of their lives. In addition, they need to learn that conflict can be healthy and necessary. Be sure to balance doing things for your S child with encouraging the child to do things for himself. They can be such smooth talking charmers that you wind up wondering why you gave permission for some activity in the first place! They will need to learn to form opinions for themselves and not to be easily influenced by others who have a more dominant personality.

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