Thursday, May 5, 2011

Countdown To Summer!

It's the end of the school year and as always there are mixed feelings among teachers and students.  There is the anticipation of vacations and relaxation.  Amusement parks! Water parks! The beach!  Sleeping late and staying up late! On the other hand, there is sadness as we say good bye to friends, teachers, familiar classrooms and routines.  I've always thought that this yearly ending and beginning anew in the fall is a very unique environment.  Where else is there a job that has such a clearly defined beginning, middle and end?  Where else do you draw everything to a close (ready or not!), declare the end and several weeks later start afresh... new students, new classroom, new material to teach, new teacher?  I think there are at least three reasons why this is a great way to structure not only our school but out lives...  Here are a few:
  1. Knowing that there a beginning and an end forces us to set goals.  This is something most of us are pretty good at talking about but not so good at doing.
  2. Having a beginning and end also forces us to measure our progress in some way.  Rather than just thinking that we are accomplishing something, we have to have proof.
  3. Finally, having a beginning and an end gives us the satisfaction of closure as well as the freshness of a new beginning.
Lets count it down... how many more days are left?

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