Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Developing Listening Skills In Children

It's still early in the school year and one of the first skills that teachers and counselors focus on is helping students learn good listening skills.  Learning to listen can make the difference between a successful and positive school year and one where a student is unable to achieve and feel good about his accomplishments.  Some students are naturals at being a good listener but others are easily distracted and lack focus.  I teach lots of lessons on listening and there are numerous good books available to reinforce the message.  One of my current favorites is Bunny Business by Nancy Poydar.  It's a delightful story about a little boy named Harry, who is too active and distracted to listen until he realizes that his part in the school play and his relationship with his classmates, is jeopardized by his lack of focus.  In the end, his good listening saves the day when one of his classmates forgets his lines and Harry, remembers them and covers for him.  In addition to the great message, the book includes an activity in the back where students can make their own bunny ears as a reminder to be a good listener just like Harry. 

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