Monday, August 15, 2011

New Book Out: The Entitlement Trap

Ask any teacher, parent or counselor and one of the greatest concerns about kids today is their attitude of entitlement.  Our ancestors called this the land of opportunity, but modern day children and even adults would more likely call it the land of entitlement.  Entitlement doesn't just refer to wanting every new toy advertised on television.  Children today believe they're entitled to be entertained and happy every moment of the day, to have every want fulfilled at any price and to have good grades without having to work for them, to name just a few problems.  What's a parent to do?

Linda and James Eyre are parenting experts and out of their experience of raising a family, they have written a new book called   The Entitlement Trap:  How to Rescue Your Child Through A New Family System of Choosing, Earning and Ownership.  Having read previous books on parenting that they have published, I'm sure it is packed with practical down to earth suggestions for making sure children learn and practice an attitude of responsibility.  You can find information about the book at this website:

Or you can order the book at a special introductory price through Amazon here: 

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