Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tackling Childhood Issues of Sharing and Jealousy

Two new books by the same author cover some topics that aren't usually found in a story.  The lessons learned are memorable.

In Eleanor Won't Share, Julie Gassman introduces Eleanor who has a hard time sharing and even has rules for when and what she shares.  Mostly she shares things she doesn't like at times that benefit her.  She doesn't mind sharing her snack because she doesn't like it anyway.  She shares the art supplies because it is more fun to paint with someone else, but when it comes time to share the dress-up clothes... well, she hogs them all.  That is until she learns a valuable lesson when everyone is playing a game and she isn't included until she agrees to share.  The illustrations are clever and the story well told. 

In Lucille Gets Jealous, Julie Gassman writes about an older sister, Lucille, who is jealous of all the attention her baby sister gets for doing things that Lucille does already.  Baby Margaret gets praise for getting her shoes and saying book, when Lucille can put on her own shoes and read!  In the end, Lucille discovers that she is not only appreciated for her own strengths but that she is a great role model for her younger sister.

Both books made a great addition to a school counselor shelf and great guidance lessons on sharing and jealousy. Do you have other books that you would recommend  on these topics?  I'd love to hear about them!!

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